Hair Loss Causes


Hair loss also known as baldness is a condition in which one loses body hair especially hair on the head as a result of hereditary factors e.g. familial baldness, stress, medication and any other hormonal changes especially during pregnancy. Hair loss is a complex issue since it’s considered an essential part in overall identity, often people associate physical attractiveness to success and happiness. In women it may represent femininity, in men a full head of hair may represent vigor and youthfulness, hair loss therefore is a sensitive topic for both sexes.


Hair loss or baldness has many causes ranging from infections e.g. fungal infections, disorders e.g. alopecia where the body immune identifies the hair on the body as foreign antigens mistakenly, thus antibodies are produced to eliminate them. Over time, hair is slowly lost from the head and the victim ends up being bald, body system infections e.g. anemia, which can be corrected by taking more iron.

Imbalanced body nutrients, e.g. too much vitamin A supplements can trigger hair loss; halting the intake of more vitamin A should make hair to grow normally. Lack of proteins in the diet may cause the body to ration proteins which is essential for healthy hair this can be corrected by taking in foods with protein supplements.

Hormonal changes e.g. during pregnancy can lead to hair loss, switching birth control pills could also lead to hair loss, this may also happen at menopause due to changes in hormonal balance. Professional advice could help since use of beauty regimens could make the problem worse.

Chemotherapy and some drugs used to fight cancer cause hair loss or have a different texture perhaps curly when it was straight before. Stopping chemotherapy the hair might grow back. Chemotherapy destroys rapidly dividing cells e.g. cancer cells but since hair rapidly divides it’s also targeted.

Excessive daily hair loss can be noticed by more hair sticking in the brush after combing or in the basin after shampooing. Alopecia usually can be noticed through dandruff, skin lesions especially the scalp and thinning of hair which eventually falls out.

Appearance is important for anyone, it boosts self esteem and often is seen as an image of the real, inner you. Hair loss therefore may be seen as losing control of your own being or self image most people associate appearance to happiness and status hence people strive not to lose their hair.




First, taking food supplements containing vitamins A, E and B promote production of sebum, which makes the skin soft, in addition vitamins also facilitates blood circulation hence increasing hair production.

Use of natural hair oils promotes healthy hair development and prevents dandruffs, shampooing hair cleans up hair and may help one identify hair loss and seek treatment or professional help.

Changing one’s lifestyle e.g. avoiding stress, exercise walk and swimming helps in boosting health of a person. Taking care of the hair you have e.g. by avoiding excessive styling, brushing wet hair which may cut the hair, use of a specified oral pill and sticking to them will also ensure one does not lose a hair through ways they can prevent.

Some hair extensions and oils may cause hair lose, it’s advised to avoid them and seek professional advice on hair styling, extension and treatment.